NetSaving Links inc (OTC:NSAV) Shares Could Soar After Becoming An Official Partner Of China Telecom (NYSE:CHA) Subsidiary


Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC: NSAV) announced that the Company has signed an agreement with China Telecom Americas, a NYSE listed company. The NDA agreement now paves the way for NSAV to become an official partner of China Telecom Americas, the largest international subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation Limited, the largest operating broadband operator in the world. NSAV views this as a major opportunity, given the recent expansion of its medical cannabis technology business to China and the grand opening of its Shanghai office.

Chinese state-owned telecommunication company, China Telecom is the largest fixed-line service provider in China. China Telecom also has the largest single Wi-Fi wireless broadband network in China. The company’s mobile and wireless broadband subscribers amounted to 197.9 million and 113 million respectively at the end of 2015. China Telecom witnessed a notable increase in the number of its 4G terminal users to 58.46 million in 2015 from 7 million in the earlier year. China Telecom’s brands include E-surfing, E-surfing Navigator, E-surfing E Home and E-surfing Flying Young. The company has a market capitalization value of $37.8 billion.

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, China Telecom Americas is the largest international subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation Limited, as well as the only authorized re-seller of domestic Chinese telecom products to North American companies.  China Telecom Americas has offices in 31 countries, providing access to Chinese telecom network assets for customers in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

As the largest operating broadband operator in the world (107 million subscribers), as well as the world’s largest CDMA mobile operator (186 million subscribers), China Telecom delivers a comprehensive global telecom service scope based on cutting edge technology, exceptional customer service, and a visionary approach to international telecommunications.

China Telecom’s core strengths in facts & figures:

  • World’s largest fixed line operator (144 million fixed access lines in service).
  • World’s largest broadband operator (110 million subscribers)
  • World’s largest CDMA mobile operator (186 million subscribers, including 118 million 3G/4G subscribers)
  • Owns and operates China’s largest optical fiber network: over 83,000 km long, covering 70% of China’s territory and connecting all Chinese cities
  • Owns and operates ChinaNet, China’s largest Internet network
  • Owns and operates China’s largest MPLS VPN network, based on CN2, our next-generation, carrier-class, IPv6-capable Internet backbone network
  • Primary service provider in all 21 southern provinces in China.
  • Owns comprehensive trans-Pacific cable systems, including China-U.S., Japan-U.S., SEA-ME-WE3 in APCN2, SMW3, Flag, TAE, etc.
  • International bilateral connectivity to 100+ countries
  • More than 670,000 professionals employed around the world
  • Ranked 160th on Fortune’s Global 500, with revenues reaching $50 billion in 2015.

Expect NetSaving Links (OTC:NSAV) shares to see some action over the next few weeks .



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