mCig Inc (OTC:MCIG): Many Positive Indicators That Could Squeeze All The Naysayers


MCig Inc (OTC:MCIG) stock has pulled back almost 50% from july’s high .

Several announcements about MCIG have come out since that last report. Let’s look at
how theses recents annoucement from the company could squeeze the naysayers both in the short and long terms.

The last press release the company issued provided updates about its ongoing fundraiser.
The company is seeking $3 million in additional capital, which will be used to fund the
expansion of its operations. As you know , the company has wide-ranging operations in the
cannabis industry, which Arcview Market Research forecasts will be
worth cover $22 billion by 2021, up from just over $6 billion last year (2016).

The additional capital injection needed is partly to fund its licensed
cannabis cultivation and production facility as well as distribution efforts plans. MCIG
is exploring licensing opportunities in CA, NV, OR, FL and MA.

The company said it had already raised over $1 million as of September 13th
and that it was on track to close the fundraiser exercise by end of month, September 30th. The
company could still extend the fundraiser if necessary. This financing will enable
the company to create more value by investing in revenue and profit making projects.

The capital raised by MCIG is being done by way of equity offering in a private
placement issuing securities to experienced accredited investors.

Before you think about dilution, due the capital raise, note that the
accredited investors are paying a premium to the prevailing price to acquire MCIG shares.
The investors are purchasing the share at a higher price than September 14 closing price (0.17)
so this shows us the their confidence in the ability of MCIG shares to rise sooner or later.

Another important point to note is that the company has avoided debt.

Paul Rosenberg, the CEO, said that the time was right in planning for their own cultivation facility.
They also saw their business grow and their cash position improving tremendously, he also
said that they have lived by the mentra of no toxic debt and have proved to be the right decision for their
business development to progress.

Following the last strong quarter,the CFO of MCIG, noted that all key
indicators are positive.
We concluded that the growing revenues, cash on the balance sheet and the capital raise will provide the company
with more cash flexibility to go after its plans. At current price, shares of MCIG could be a good candidate for
short-term gains as the market becomes more aware of it.


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